- Welcome to B*b's Burgers located near the seaside community known as "Seymour's Bay." The show centers around the Belch** family - Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and L**ise. Bob Belch** is a third-generation restaurateur, who runs B*b's Burgers with his loving companion and their three children. 

(ignore all the asterisk (*), Roblox has a serious hashtagging problem that they won't acknowledge) 


 - [UPDATE]: Jimmy Pesto's was added across from B*b's Burgers.- 7/27/16 

- Credits go to: ubsammy + EMILY080 

- If you visited, we would love some feedback! Tweet us on Twitter, @Emily080R + @ubsammyR 


- [Disclaimer]: Though this set is based off of B*b's burgers, it is NOT identical. This set is mainly set in the later season rather than the first.

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