WARNING! [Flashing lights are in the game, so there is a Photosensitive epilepsy warning.]
This game is still in Beta as there are a lot more things to implement to the NTF lore.
If you join the group, you will receive an exclusive feature in multiplayer of becoming Security. 
If you join this group you'll have a chance of joining the many task forces that are available. 
 You were assigned to lead the Nine-Tailed-Fox into the unsecured SCP foundation. Your goal is to terminate Class D personnel, rescue survivors, and capture SCP's.
Captainjet2c - Scripter/Builder
AshtonBoy - Builder (Built LCZ)
SCPnStuff (Formally known as Weltzreig) - Uniform/outfit designer/Assets maker
dylanhaznutzFTW - Voice Acted Tesla Gate Intercom
Mayk728 - Scripted/imported SCP106 and SCP 457

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