[Closed: Testing only]

Can you be the last one standing in this multiplayer action game? Take on up to 11 other players, by picking up the various props, and throwing them at your opponents, or taking them out with your melee weapon! 

💪 Earn XP and Level up! Can you get to the Master Levels?
🔪 Earn and collect rare and humorous melee weapons!
🧚‍♀️ Earn and collect various in game skins, trails, and effects!
🦋 Earn and collect various pets

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(* Daily Reward) Group members, Roblox Premium players and VIP players get upgraded daily bonuses!

Got an exploiter in your server? Report it to us in our disco server linked below! Please include a video for proof.

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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