this is a private roleplay for Icarus losers, if you're new to this there is a 75% this game won't interest you.

Immerse yourself in this Steampunk roleplaying game.
/name to change your name (for example, /name Billy Skyfleet)
/role to change your roleplay (for example, /role Musketeer) role
/color (BrickColor CaSeSeNsItIVe)
/scolor (STROKE BrickColor CaSeSeNsItIVe)
/shirt SHIRTID
/pants PANTID

Icarus: New Albion- The humble city of New Albion, standing high above the endless prairies of the north, is home to many. New Albion is a developing city-port and a trade stop between many booming industrial cities like New Garden and Alera. It was founded 40 years ago. Many are unsure of how it really came to be.

Map and scripts by Edd_E
Weapon models and thumbnails by RyIock
Clothes by ArtistKing


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