Welcome to Star Wars: Galactic Roleplay, where Coruscant takes place during the Clone Wars era. Choose from a plethora of different clone legions, including the famous ones from the movies. Buy the gamepasses to also play as Sith or Jedi. The choice is yours! Join this group to get an ACTUAL REAL RANK ON THE LEADER BOARD BASED OFF YOUR CREDITS!

Credit to CAR for the Coruscant map and GUI, the guns and helmets are mine.



Tags: uncopylocked, chocolate, waves, classic, beta, natural, tsunami, brick, freeze, tag, epic, roblox, time, raft, studio, wipeout, paintball, pet, family, life, live, night, easy, cart, ride, train, jet, plane, school, bus, crash, fun, hangout, ##### ###### water, slide, down, stairs, fall, pool, boys, girls, vs, team, win, admin, vip, beach, skate, gear, fly, race, summer, island, club,

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