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🔥UPDATE3 🔥 - New Tycoons, Rebirth System

🔥🔥[TTT] Turret Tower Tycoon🔥🔥

Welcome to the Turret Tower Tycoon! 

🔧 Build turret tower! And Mining mineral resources! 

😈 Protect your tower from Monsters!! 

🤑 Destroy monsters and get a lot of money!! 

👑 Unlock various weapon for destroy monsters and players! 

🌼 Explore the world and find nice view! 

🤩Feel free to play !! 

🤩 Don't forget to Like👍, Star ⭐and Follow 🙏 

Developer : XtraCilantro 
Builder : XtraAvocado, XtraSalami
DevGroup : Dosmas Studios


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