The majority of this game was made in 2012 and 2013. It's an old game, and I have now stopped working on it. Hopefully soon I can get something new out. Thanks!

To reverse in the cars, tap [LShift] while holding down brake [S].

[Dynamic Lighting 50% done] Netsui City is a (fictional) city located in northeast Japan. Cruise around and explore this dense but small urban metropolis. Talk to friends and hang out; maybe even drag race. I'll be continuing to add more and more lights to this place, as of now the whole lighting situation is incomplete. 

Shutdowns mean updates, although I'll sometimes choose not to shutdown. Do NOT ask for the gate code. 

Tags: Japan, Doryoku, Driving, City, Roleplay, Cars, Trains, Monorails, Streetcars 

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