--IMPORTANT-- There are a few known issues in this game, when in doubt reset your tycoon! This is the best solution until we find and iron out these bugs. You can always message Pixel Service for help. 
--[[Disclaimer]]-- Before you play this game, note that neither Pixelations or ROBLOX are in any way associated with Donald Trump, or any other candidates from the 2016 election. This game is meant to be a satire. By clicking play, you understand that we are neither promoting or being demeaning toward anyone, and that the game is meant to be funny, and hopefully get a few laughs. Thank you, and enjoy the Donald Trump Tycoon! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Can YOU build a multi-billion dollar business from a small loan of a million dollars? Pay off the debt, and become a hero! Make that money, build that wall, and make ROBLOX great again! Music Credit: Fade - No Copyright Sounds

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