YELLOW team briefing: we have found information that the green team has been working out how to make powerful weapons using Nuclear power and is setting these up at this random power plant, we have gotten past some of their defenses but not allof them, the last defense they have is manpower, what we have to do is get into their base via front entrance they left open, or that trench that someone dug up themself, get to the room with the most black boxes, Take their flag that they secretley store more information inside of, and take it to our flag, but we also need men to defend our flag too! now let's get to fighting!

GREEN team briefing: we have found information that the yellow team has gotten past most of our defences, we assume that they are coming for our flag, so we must stop them from getting in, good thing we blocked an area of one of our rooms with black boxes, so they'll have to take a longer way in! but there's no way they won't get in, so we must  stop them ourselfes, the

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