The Mind (Discontinued)

This game may not function as intended. The developer needs to update the game.


The place no longer looks like the image due to the removal of bevels.   While the shape is still the same, the smoothness and level of detail no longer exists.

DISCLAIMER:  Project has been discontinued due to too many issues after the featherweight release.  I may at some point redo this project.  

New entry is Old School Cafe, set in the 1920s in the middle of the Jazz Era.

The Mind is a building based on the aspects and character traits unique to an individual.  Each room represents a different trait, such as creativity or self worth.  Similar to how memories are fragmented into different areas of your mind, the rooms are similarily scattered throughout the building.  Nearly everything you see has a meaning, so remember to keep an Open Mind.  This place will tell a sad story when I'm done.

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