| A Steven Universe Fan Roleplay Game. 

| DISCLAIMER : This game is not in any way owned or made by the creators of Steven Universe, but has content heavily based off of the franchise. 

||❖❖︽︽|  Welcome to Homeworld! ✦ 
||❖❖︽︽| 4.0.5 CHANGES
✦  The VIP pass has been updated with the dancing Cog gems from the Homeworld Ball, along with the adding of the Ballroom! The Valentine's Pass is now on sale as well! A new gemtype, Triphanes, have been added under the 'Construction' category.  A few bugs have been fixed in this version. Have fun, and don't forget to leave a like if you enjoy the game. If you find a bug, please report it at our bug reports channel!

✦ Do not act inappropriately in front of a high ranking gem/administrator.
✦ Morphing as the same morph on purpose to 'raid' will not be tolerated.
✦ Private roleplays are private, do not intrude them unless requesting to join.
✦ Be polite to everyone outside of roleplay.
✦ Have fun!

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