Take your Space Suit and fly out to space!
To get on the rocket , Jump on the blue box!
And to launch the rocket walk on the green box and in matter in 10 seconds the rocket will launch to space!
MOON MISSION! An experiment went wrong and now theres a big zombie outbreak! Use a plane and take guns! And Stop this! *You must be in a updated server not a old one!*
*Update*There will be a new awesome Mission SOON aka WormHole Mission! XD
I have added no gravity in space and, To get vip jump out of the rocket and land in one of the planets!
The Guns are modified with no bugs!
Got a suggestion? PM Me!
If you want to participate in this Project feel free to Send a PM! ;)
And to know if its old server or a new one look after the sign with the version on! See ya!
Will work on the Wormhole mission! Could need an helping hand!

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