THE FINAL DEMO UPDATE IS HERE! From now on, I will be preparing the FULL GAME!
Thank you all for the support and for playing!
What’s new?
- Castle Town Map
- New models on most characters!
- Less laggier attacks

THERE IS A SERVER WHERE I WILL POST TEASERS FOR THIS GAME! Link to the disc down below! Make sure your 13+!

This is a VERY small demo because I didn't want to spoil too much.

The entire game will be a lot more open space and less laggier than this.

Here is the FULL game (it’s closed right now)
You can find a special gamepass in the store of the full game!

But still have fun and check out the characters and areas available in this demo! :D

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


    There are currently no running games.