55 Days at Peking, Boxer Rebellion
In the year 1900, the International Legations in Peking (now Beijing) comprising of the United States, France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as Chinese civilians. are besieged by the "Boxers", a peasant movement who seek drive away foreigners and Chinese Christians from China. The siege lasted 55 days until a multinational relief force arrived at Peking after marching the coast of China and defeating the Qing army. 

Using Viethin:
F - Enable rifle to shoot.
Right click - Aim.
B - Fix bayonet.
X - Charge bayonet. 

MakhnovistAirship - Scripting & Layout
SerMelchie - In-game Assets & Layout
LaurenceGEnfield - Uniforms
Sharpschutze4839 - Uniforms
DamangedALT2 - Mesh Imports
MoveThisWay - Gun Models 
EternalViet - Gun Scripts

Tags: Zombie Bot Defense Defensive Zulu 

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