Copyrighted Artists! The game where Pictionary takes a whole new level. You draw something funny or serious like "a snowman with a triangle nose"!

Players (a.k.a. the artists) will then receive a random player's drawing and will try to replicate or draw what they think the drawing is. Should you draw a round ball that is crunchy? Or a girl that is dabbing? Then everyone will try to find and pick what the original drawing was! It's like the opposite of Pictionary, where instead of getting the drawing and guessing the cool prompt, you get a weird prompt and guess the drawing.

Please help support the game by buying a VIP Server or a gamepass! If you ever buy a VIP Server, invite me! I may hop into one.

There is a Block User button above every drawing. It'll block every single drawing that the user makes.

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Game Info:
โš ๏ธ In-Game Blocking System
🔀 User-Generated Content
👨โ€🎨 3-10 players
🛑 In Beta, Expect Bugs

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