My Farm is a farming simulator game where you must grow crops, raise animals, complete quests and watch your farm grow!

🌈Colorful Gem Corn seeds can now be purchased!
🌾 New Animal! (a Turkey!) 🦃 New Plants! (Cranberries)
🏠 New Sale, New Shop, also all the farmers have moved in to their own houses! 
💰 Quests now give out more rewards! Once you have completed quests, you can get discounts on seeds and animals.
🌾 Each farmer now has 10 quests instead of 20. 
🌾 New UI! mobile friendly, less menus! 

Have fun! and we would of course, love any feedback you might have. 
🐔 Raise pigs, bulls, bees and many more!
🥚 New golden chickens create golden eggs - and ducks can be found for feathers.
🌾 Grow crops on your farm and use them to make products.
🚜 Unlock the tractor to harvest faster and customize them with skins! 
🎈 Invite other players to your farm to have a party! 

[tw] 🐤 ToyaPlayStudio

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