Microwave Dinner is a new game with lots of badges to collect! Inspired by 3D Platformer classics.
You are a microwave robot on a journey to collect food, power your fridge spaceship, and make it back home to earth. 🌎

▶ 🌴 Explore the tropical world of Blue Fort Port and help the many blobs who live there! Show your support for many more worlds to come!

▶ 🏆 Earn the many fun badges and look for them with your friends. Can you collect them all?

▶ 🖌️ Help support the game by buying paint colors! Thank you everyone who supports! You are tremendously important to the success of the game!

🎮 Xbox Controller Supported ✅
Play with a controller if you have one!

💬 Follow 1EpikDuck's and Tarmon's socials for news about the game, and join the community server!


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