Private servers are now free!
Buying one will not take any robux from you.

Auto admin does not apply to VIP servers. You will no longer get admin on VIP servers just because of your rank. Auto admin still applies to the normal servers.

Get a  VIP server for free to get admin in that server!

Auto admin (ranks that automatically get admin):
• 5th Rifles (NCO+),
• Militsiya (Inspector+),
• CPSU (Chairman of the Politburo+),
• Red Guard (Elite Guard+)
• Spetsnaz (Officer+)
• CRU (Unit Commander+)
• TFOC (Chief Operator+)
• 109th Infantry Division (Specialist+)
• Biopreparat (Chief Scientist+)
• MoD (Office Cell+)

Use the :gulag command to make a player's screen bright. For example, ":gulag RainyLofi". You can also use ":ungulag" to undo it.

:jackbox [player] [type]
:exitbox [player]

Make sure to abuse the volume command.


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