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(Part 2: Play part 1 first for more story!) Players beware... Your in for a scare! Again!! This New Hotel of terror was trapped between time, and space, and now you must relive its tragic history! Each door is a passage into the future, the past, alternate dimensions, and more!! Meet survivors along the way that give you hints while you make your daring escape.... Good luck, and watch out for the horror's that still lurk in the rooms of this forgotten hotel..... Directions: Go in each door of the hotel, and don't skip any. You must find your way out, and I'll be adding more scare's in the future. Enjoy, thumbs up, and favorite if you liked plz! 

TAGS: zombie, survival, Samara, the, ring, slender man, haunted, shining, hospital, mlg, spooky, scary, joshman901, solidsnake43, frozen, haunting in Connecticut, movie, uncopylocked, 2012, American, horror, story, Hotel, game, ghost, portal 2, haunted, house, theatre, pasta, creepy pasta, game, 

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