After hard work, I fixed up a classic Deadzone engine that Reyne modified [v2.0 engine]. The game also has some of it's own unique modifications and items that expand on the original engine.

----| DZ UPDATES |----
-Fixed bugs that caused the party system to break when a player rests

-Fixed up the bullet range on weapons


-Major fix on the xp/kills/deaths

-added reward for deathmatches

----| GAME CONTENTS |----

Game includes 2 classic Deadzone maps, a small and large map.

Game also includes an early, but modified Battlefield engine

----| HUGE CREDIT TO |----
| deadzoneZackZak |
For creating the original Deadzone and Battlefield

| Reyne |
For continuing the Deadzone legacy

| InstanceChanged |
For his support throughout the game's early stages


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