Madness Combat is a Series on New Grounds,
Made by "Krinkels."

\\ There is little to no hand holding for this simple game. Enter at your own risk. \\

This is a Fan-Inspired game made in 2018 now 2019 after being deleted twice by accident. This was also rebooted after MC11 came out, which gave rise to the bad grunt characters lol.

Most models were made by the MC community on here, mainly builders like Bruno and Texter. I'm just an dev, who added them in as tools and cool things to wear.

Most stuff in MC[D] are inspired by a lot of MC animations.
Also this game is a Hobby, so things are very janky.
Well, You can try to at least have fun out there.

If you want other madness stuff check out these other games by other dudes, but also just join our Discard Group to find other people making really cool madness stuff.

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