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MERMAID RULES: -DO NOT spawnkill Islanders or people -DON'T use the swim tool as a fly tool ISLANDER RULES: -Do not spawnkilll mermaids or people -DO NOT use the swim tool as a fly tool -DO NOT go into the mermaid morph area -DO NOT hack into ANY VIP PEOPLE RULES: -Don't kill ANYONE -Do not Hack into VIPs RULES FOR EVERYONE: -Do not bomb, nuke, glitch, hack, ban, kick, punish or do any bodily harm to ANYONE in the server(This excludes the creator, I have to manage the place, right?) -Dont use your gear(Ecpecially something to change the color of something) profusley. Especially if you are annoying someone. -Don't beg for admin, even if(An admin that I put in the script or the creator) they let you have it in the past. -If you DO get admin from an origin admin, do not kick, ban, morph, hack, or spawnkill or loopkill ANYONE in the server unless an origin admin gives consent. For non-origin admin users: -If you abuse the admin the first time you most likly won't

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