❖The Incredibles Ride!❖- Wave3 Ride!

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Have you ever wanted to feel like a true superhero? Have you ever wanted to save the city, from three of the most evil villains ever? If yes, then this is the ride for you. Welcome to The Incredibles Ride! SLOW DOWN THE CART BY 3 OR 4 CLICKS!!! YOU WON'T DE-RAIL THAT WAY. This ride was originally apart of Laptopmarchman's Wave3 Ride series. On this ride you will explore the headquarters of The Incredibles. Then you board you're vehicle (or Incredicar.) When you first appear in the city of Metroville you find out that the city's three most dangerous criminals are out! Syndrome with his power of electricity tries to shock you permanently. The Underminer who lives under the ground, sets the underground sewage system to self-destruct! But, before he does The Omnidroid is released into the city attacking thousands of citizens! Can these villains be stopped and placed in jail again? Can Mr, Mrs, Dash, and Violet Incredible stop these evil creatures. Most importantly, can you stop these evil
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