A game based off the Anime "Demon Slayer"

Second Game:

E - Trigger Combat
Left Click -Attack
Right Click(Hold) - Block
R = Rest( Regenerates Health)
1 = Low Stance
2 = Medium Stance
3 = High Stance

Blocking: To block, you have to be in the stance your enemy is in. You CAN block during combos, but you have to match their stance.

Attacking: You can create different combos by changing stances after each attack.

Parrying : There are two types of parrying. Light Parry and Heavy Parry. Light parries is attacking at the exact same time as your enemy. Heavy parries are more extreme parries which are triggered if you and your enemy are in the same stance

How to become a demon slayer: The game decides whether or not you're ready. You basically just train in PVP.(Keep fighting other players)
Scripters - EnviedTy
GFX- EternalProwessKun
Modeler- Legend_OfAimbot
Clothing - SadValor,Akazuh

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