more fighting animations will be added-
contact me, or friend request me for any suggestions.
All animations made by me! don't trust copiers!
-ill be asking questions too see if you can handle using it well.(admin)if theirs any complains that a mod, admin, owner. Is abusing, they will not have admin for 2 weeks until they learn teir lesson. Then will get it back. YOU HAVE 3 STRIKES.
About the game: This game is about having fun! Meeting new friends, and being a bad girl. And showing others that women can be capable of anything. The baddies that move together south west north east. Move in with each other will these roomies get along? I mean it’s the BGC. 

Disclaimer: Please do not take this game serious, it’s just a fighting game. We have casts to host this game for fun. I mean let’s be real, This is a Roblox game! It shouldn’t be taken that deep. If you do not like these type of games, then please look up what you prefer more then just shaming. 

Enjoy! ☆

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