Roblox's modern plane crash game has lift-off.  Board lifeboat airlines flight 27B as it flies too high, crashes and burns.   Turbulence on the way down bumps open the overhead bins with survival gear. With almost certain death remaining in the plane, you must find or fight for a gear and jump out in time! Survive a Plane Crash

This game is in 1.0, send bugs, we will fix!

Game Programming 📝 TheAmazeman
Modeler 🛠️ Inyo22
Programmer 📝 Sezess
Music and Voice Acting 🎵 Phalack
GFX 🎨 ThreeLivesTaken
Sound Effects and Trailer 📹 MrGillett

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Survive a Plane Crash by Virtual Valley Games
Genres: Adventure, Disaster, Roleplay, Simulation, Aviation

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