📦 TONs of cards, backpacks, and hats to unlock!
🥚 Legendary egg that guarantees an AMAZING pet
⬆️ Double jump to find rewards chests in the sky! 

Patch Update Jan:
-Unboxing pets on Xbox now works.
-Please DM Zingo_Dev for bug fixes.

Welcome to Shopping Simulator! Become a billionare in this frenzy of shopping. Flex your card and pets at other players to be the envy of the game!

💳 Use your card to make purchases and create the highest stacks
🛍️Sell your purchases for money at the bank and use it to upgrade
💰 Use gold to unlock pets and more!
📈 Double jump to reach higher for more rewards & pets!

Join the group for an extra rewards chest! Plus. use code "Bonus" for a cool 🎁!

A game by Shark Fin Studios, LLC.


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