Version 0.99

A three-player FFA top-down deathmatch game inspired by Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. Collect various weapons around the environment and slay your enemies, all with the sound of a powerful Synthwave soundtrack!

Each map comes with different weapons, new costumes (not yet implemented) and a bunch of new mechanics, from teleporters to hidden tunnels or even map-based traps!

Current Weapons list:
Knife - A standard knife
Yellow Kid - A standard pistol
Big Brother - A rifle that works best standing still
Little Hero - An SMG with an absurd fire rate
Wordsman - A magnum with great accuracy

Current song list:
Carpenter Brut - Turbo Killer
El Huervo - Rust
CiniMod - The Rumble

Current Environment list:
Crossfire Hallways
Bunker Busters

Updates will occur every so often, whenever new content is finished.


There are currently no running experiences.