- [ UPDATE LOG ] -
New clothes and accessories added to the Shop
- [ Limited Items added to the Shop ]-
Wish has been added to Ultimate Shenron
Human Max Charge rate buffed
Yardratian MP Gain rate increased
Defense Break Regeneration is faster
[Below active while Defense Break]
 -Regenerates faster when attacking enemy
 -Regenerates slower when being attacked
Standard Assault Chase Trip unblockable
Burter Fighting Style hitbox size nerfed
Exploding wave attacks track only after melee knockback(Death Storm, Giant Storm, etc)
Flight speed decreased when stamina bar is yellow
Nerfed Evasive i-frame against Melee
Counter move cooldowns are increased when moves are in cooldown
Ultimate Attacks now drain all of your Ki
-Agility or Ki Control required to keep Full Bar
Namek, Future, Space and Raid Zeni buffed

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