Tuffle(Machine Mutant/Baby) Race added
-- 2 New Transformations

Earth now gives more EXP in quest than it use to give. Zeni is more rewarding than before in all quest.

Earth Bosses got a nerf, so they are weaker than what they were before.

Gravity Chamber is now buffed after you reach Level 100

Frieza, Captain Ginyu, Nail, Zarbon, and Recoome fighting style are now in the game and work properly.

Dragon Ball Pack added:

Items have been added to the Item Shop, the shop Fortuneteller Baba owns.

Add-On Pack 1 added:

Earth Quest and Raids give more EXP than before.

Fixed Rush Move Cancelling(Using a rush then pressing Z to stop it)

Skill Shop has new skills, a lot more.

Level Cap raised to 250

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