Welcome to Blackout, where hide 'n' seek meets flashlights!

- Seeker seeks the hiders during a Blackout!
- Hiders avoid the seeker at all costs.
- 3 terminals around the map can be hacked to end the Blackout early.

Hide from the seeker, collect unique flashlights, and more!

Update 3 is in the works! Plans for many new maps and features. Release date: TBD.

Update 2.3:
* Patched a bug in the shop, where players could only purchase Crate 1.
* Patched exploit where players could reset just before the round started, and "hide" in the lobby.
* Removed Winter Lobby

Update 2.2:
* Removed Christmas Crate
* Winter Lobby

Update 2:
* TRADING!!! Send a trade request while viewing the other player's inventory.
* Option to disable trade requests
* Seeker doesn't spawn with a flashlight, preventing annoying spawnkills
* VIP servers no longer save stats to prevent boosting

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