📝 Update Log:
-    Added Black Adam to Purchasables
-    Added Deathstorm
-    Added Aquaflash to Character Crates
-    Moved Unbound Batman (S5) to Character Crates
-    Moved Unbound Joker to Character Crates
-    Added Darkseid (DCEU) to the Darkseid gamepass
-    The data system has been redone, ping spikes should (hopefully) be no more and other data related things should be smoother
-    Fixed long respawn times

⚡ Run around Central City as The Flash, roleplay as your favourite DC characters or even fight others to earn Flashcoins to unlock new stuff!

🎮 Available on Desktop, Phone, Tablet, and Console!

🎁 Join the Group for more fantastic suits in game:

🎵 All the music used in this game are covers created by Captain Roxas & Spider Dalek!

🏷️ Tags (ignore):
the flash, superman, dc, batman, wonder woman, shazam, justice league, speedster, metahuman, central city


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