- Find a Clue Scroll by destroying objects around the world.
- Complete the Clue steps to find a Treasure Chest
- Open the Chest for a chance based loot reward!
- Multiple Clue Scroll and Treasure Chest tiers exist (Easy, Medium, & Hard)
- NEW MATERIAL armour, sword, bow, and harvester: "Lucky". BETTER THAN ZENYTE!

• Join or create a tribe
• Gather resources
• Craft armour, weapons, tools & more
• Build a base to protect yourself and your Tribe's Totem. Anything build on the Base platform SAVES automatically! Just re-build the base to respawn all your built items!
• Unlock hats, weapon skins, tool skins, totem poles, and totem mascots in the shop menu!

If the server gets shutdown, it means there was an update, rejoin!

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A game by Black Spruce Studio Inc.
Programming, Design - @Fm_Trick
Map, Models - Kavelleri, StealthTN
Logo - @ClassyRampage
Icons & other art - xGibx

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