While developing team projects, I learned a lot of new building skills that I wanted to use in a solo project. That's why I began building another Wipeout game! Credit to WhipAnimations for his great 'Wipeout' sign! Credit to xRman for the scareousel rope and playset diving board building methods! Credit to Marioblox1094 for his Wipeout Timer! ~~ Obstacles ~ Qualifier 1. Dirty Diving Boards 2. Sucker Punch 3. The ### ##### 4. Mood Swing 5. The Swinging Letters of H Round 2: Scareousel Round 3: Wipeout Playset (With Slides) ~ Wipeout Zone Obstacles Launch: Killer Luge (With Tube) 1. Wheel of Misfortune 2. Axel of Evil 3. Iced Over The course is not finished, some obstacles still glitch and most likely will be adjusted in the near future.

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