Melee Mash is just a bunch of dudes with weapons fighting to the death.

- Do not team with more than 2 players. Do not team in a way that makes the game unfun for others. Doing so will result in a day to week ban.
- Do not be rude or toxic to other players, if needed use /mute (player name) to block their messages in-game.
- Do not exploit and do not use scripts or hacks. Doing so will result in a month to a permanent ban.
- Do not vulture/steal kills.
- Do not stall out games.
- Do not glitch abuse, doing so will result in a week ban.

Most credit to EpicCritical/LorVentura and gephiltacool with inspirations and scripts taken from them. Credit to andre8739 for forceclass and anti-bhop.
Inspiration from other media such as Riot Games' League of Legends.

Maps made LilyBlobble, Voltzen, equa1s, Doge33344, Navixus, rider286, Cyaim, etc. 

Models created by rider286 and lior2005.

*Game is not optimized for mobile but is playable.

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