🔥STILL x2 STRENGTH WEEK!🎉 New icon coming.. eventually

💪 Get stronger by slashing your weapon
💎 Earn gems by being king of the hill, capturing control points, or killing npcs/bosses/players
🐶 Collect and raise pets to train faster using gems
💰 Sell your strength for gold and upgrade your weapons, mana, and skills
🏆 Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards!

Update 7:
Super secret update, can you find the new content?
Christmas event is now over
Removed Santa egg
Removed Christmas decorations
Fixed a lot of the presumable lag
Fixed new island
Fixed egg percentage
Top tier pets are now obtainable easier
Lots of bug fixes

Join the group for an in-game reward:
💰 20% Coin Boost
💎 Daily Gem Reward
🏷️ Chat Tag

**Please note that you cannot gain gems from control points or King of the Hill on VIP servers.

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