Clone Tycoon 2 [Missiles!]


Clone yourself and create an army. Upgrade your tycoon, develop your clones, and build a research lab to become king of the cloning universe. Customise your clones into zombies, pirates, superheroes, noobs and much more! Unlock special guns, swords, baby clones, kid clones, planes, rockets and much more exciting items!

Latest Update 7th June: (New Servers Only)
-Fixed Missiles on other devices
-Increased missile launch cost
-You now can't hit people who are not in battle mode

-Added Missiles
-Added Nuclear Research Station (In basement) to increase missile speed and strength
-Added NUKES (for 140 gems) with much higher range than missiles

FOR A FULL QUEST WALKTHROUGH: Go to my youtube channel Ultraw

Game Developers: 
-Main Developer: Ultraw @UltrawRbx
-Builder: Duck_Ify
-Building Help: HIERO_GLYPH, Catzario, LordExamples, DerpyMcDerpell, gerk1
-Translators: NinjaMiguelPt 
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