Welcome to Tree Planting Simulator! 🌲

🌱  Plant unique trees, collect seeds that drop from them, and sell the seeds to buy items to plant better trees even faster!

💸  25% of the proceeds from this game is converted into USD and go to the Arbor Day Foundation as part of the #TeamTrees campaign! For every dollar we raise, one tree will be planted. Check out the Team Trees sign in the game to see how much we raised so far! The rest of the game earnings will support the dev team members who will continue to work on it to keep it new and exciting!

🌳 LazarBeam Tree, Bag and Treebirth Tool! 
 🏬 LazarBeam Shop at TreeBirth Heights!
 🛒 Timed Boosts and 2 New Gamepasses!

Follow on Twitter for updates and codes!
🌳 Creators: @SabrinaBrite & @DJMonopoli from @TeraBriteGames
🌳 Scripters: @yunmuffins, @Olicai
🌳 3D Artist: @RustPart
🌳 Animator: @Dyzcroll
🌳 Music: @BSlickComposer
🌳 Logo, GUI: @415codite
🌳 Thumbnails & Icon: @ThaDumbG00se

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