[Thanks GFink!]

[3/4/20-Added 4 new trails]

Eliminate your opposing teams by knocking out all their spawns and win the game! This is a modified version of GFink's Doomspire Brickbattle which has been tweaked to be a bit more tempestuous!

[Doomspire Brickbattle's Tips/Tricks by GFink (also apply to this game)]:
To "bomb jump," lay a bomb and jump at the same time. You will go flying upward! To fly a long distance in any direction, you can lay a bomb and ride the explosive force.. You can give yourself more air time while falling by using the sword's float when you lunge. You can use a rocket while falling (and holding space bar at the same time) to do a "rocket jump" to preserve your momentum. If you fall off the map, you can save yourself by placing a trowel wall (item number 4) below your feet, giving you a safe landing. 

Tutorial on the tricks:


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