Update 5.33.0
- Plus levels
- Anti-teaming system
- Kill streaks
- Global leaderboards for g-cells
- Significant performance improvements
- Mobile crosshairs for control lock and beaming (can be found in settings)
- Improved lighting system (filters can be found in settings)
- Public profiles to see other players' stats
- Ambient sounds
- Playable USS Argo (Codes will be given out for it soon)
- Double missions & Freecam gamepass
- 2x G-Cell and 1.5x XP boosters

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Kaiju Universe is a PVP and Sandbox game where you can fight other players, destroy buildings, unlock, level up, and customize the strengths and weaknesses of your kaiju.  🗡️

⚠️ VIP servers have rewards disabled due to exploiters
Credit for any characters in-game go to their respective creators (TOHO & Legendary).


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