Get right into the action in seconds! This game loads fast. You join the action in progress. If you are a murderer, try to kill the sheriffs. If you are a sheriff you're job is to stop the murderers! Use the weapons that are at your disposal.

Receive new weapon at 50 and 100 kills. One minute forcefield every 50 kills thereafter.

- Some weapons can be thrown, take advantage of this! Throwing is done by holding right mouse for about 1 second, then releasing. Touchscreen users should tap their target, then tap 'Throw' button.
- Have you tried the portal gun? It's a great way to get around quickly! It's in the shop and all players start with $200 game money. So  you can buy some things right away. There are ways to earn more money in-game. 

Be sure to also try our other game Flag Frenzy! It's similar to this game's "capture the flag" round.


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