⚠️ The test realm is closed until I have new content to test. Thank you to all the tester who helped test the supreme amulets passives! 

The active promo-codes are "LastDay" (gives x3 boost to many fields and more), "MoonStone" (x1000 MoonCharms), "Fallout" (x1000 Atomic Treats), "Underdogs" (Give Pine Tree and Rose Boosts),  "Lingua" (x1 Translator), "MondoBird2" (x10 Micro-Converters), "Smoothie" (1 Super Smoothie), "3rdPlace" (Red team only, Pepper Boosts and Stingers)

⚠️ Onett's Testing Group is not currently accepting new members.

⚠️ This place will close depending on when I need to test for updates. Every once in a while I reset all stats to start a new round of testing. Keep this in mind before playing - this is TEMPORARY!

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