I am currently working on updating this map.  Some of the things here are way to old and outdated tools.  New things I'm adding are: a newer plane tool that may actually work in online mode, animated zombies as opposed to the hovering ones, and more weapons like laser rifles and a shotgun.  I'm also thinking about adding a VIP room.

Blow up the Xombies (ZOHM-BEEHS) with the death launcher!  ~Now with a pistol~ Use the Pistol or Paintball Gun to kill the Xombies. Now there are three types of "planes." The red Jedi Starfighter is a scout and flies very fast, with a speed of 5. The blue Jedi Starfighter is a bomber, (press "b" to bomb) but only has a speed of 3. Now this is cool-the helicopter has a speed of 5, and it can hover! (press "n" to hover and press "m" to stop hovering).

Type in "regenjunk" to regen the planes and such. Also, armor can be found in the second floor of the base; type in "armor" to regenerate this if you run out.

Also there are day, night, and morning comm

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