> Information <
- This game supports only desktop.
- This game is under heavy development and there may potentially be bugs that cause the game to break.
- More info here:

> About <
AFS is a flight simulator designed to re-create the feeling of flying on Roblox. It combines next-level physics, intricately detailed airports & stunning GUIs. Play the pre-beta now!

> Community <
Join our community server & follow our official twitter using the links below. Please report any bugs here or via Twitter DMs (press F9 and take a screenshot).

> Disclaimer <
This game does not support low end devices or poor internet connections. All content used is created by AS developers, all items are owned by their respective owners without any endorsement of this game. Refunds of any type are not possible. Responsibility lies with the player.

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


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