**Server Version Number: v1.8.0** Well, it took almost five months (only about one week of that I actually did something), but I finally finished an update for this place. And it's a huge one! The Desert Sector has recieved a massive expansion, and the Ice Sector now exists! (Thanks GeneralTimeLord for the models!) In addition, you can now enter any sector from any Scanner, using the new GUI. I also replaced the tree meshes in the Desert and Mountain Sectors (since Roblox inexplicably deleted all player-uploaded meshes, so now the trees are Twig_Hat.mdl), and used Bevel-B-Gone, a special script to hide brick seams created by bevels. ** I had intended for the Scanner GUI to be much more epic and dynamic, but issues with AbsolutePosition and BillboardGui forced me to use a plainer, more boring style. When I figure the problem out (eventually), the new one will be in.

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