So, I have noticed there is a small handful of actual roleplay games about the dozens of Foxy and Mangle series on youtube, so I have decided to open up my new place!

No gross roleplays!! this game is targetted to mostly children, doing these roleplays or trying to convince someone into roleplaying like this is disgusting. You will be banned forever if you are caught doing this.

Foxy fangirl OC conflicts are allowed, as long as you make your character likable. (Foxy is mine!1!1 is childish, and saying this or harassing people in the game will result in an instant ban. Don't be like Chica :)

If someone is roleplaying in the same morph as you, treat the situation fairly. You can politely ask the person to be someone else to you can reset and remorph yourself into a different character.


There are currently no running experiences.