i saw my food court had there chairs like checker boards sooo, social distancing time boys

warning this game has really very loud audio (recommended to put your roblox volume at 0 or 1)
you can disable screen shaking with the setting button on the right of the screen

updat list:
~ the clown hat goes byebye after 8 april
~ ventilation room has been added
~ mr bean suit is now offsale
~ fixed radio not playing, you cant spray the projector screen anymore
~ added a new suit about viruses that goes offsale after 11 april
~ added more sounds to the radio
~ new gamepass for the meeting room projector, lets u display images on the screen
~ updated department of afk layout & a radio that plays music and lets u vote
~ added 4 new sounds to dj man
~ social distancing the chairs in bingo
~ added camera tool (its an idle tool)
~ added isabelle suit which goes offsale after 4 apr

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