this game has really very loud audio, you can disable screen shaking with the setting button on the right of the screen

having badges before the wipe will let you claim the hat with the required stats

cow suit goes adios
updated projector to show player who pasted id and decal id
new gamepass
mail hat now requires 10 deliveries because 5 was too ez
3m visits present wow, sparkler is free once again till 8 aug
added DTL hat & badge, good luck getting this hat if you're saving tickets
increased the price of ban card because i feel it should be rarer
added 5 new tools & 11 new chairs at level 5, take your time ok
added 3 new sounds to djman
added 4 new sounds to djman
added minecart chair, alot of idle tools which i am too lazy to list down at level 5
5th floor added come back every 4 hours to play and claim some prizes

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