🤖 Welcome to RD-EVO Space Testing Facility , home of the worlds best testing facility, Top Scientists and advanced droids!
we also offer a somewhat safe and clean work area!

🚨 This game is completely PG and is inspired by various other virus games on Roblox.

We are now In release 2.0.3! , expect more viruses, game-passes and changes in the future.

🔧 Created by OriTheBirb, Stiiky & astro_shadow
Stiiky: scripps and stuff
Ori: Gfx and stuff
Shadow: also scripps and makes things go brrr

Thanks to uAstral & IntelBlizzard for providing models for owner doors and more viruses & thanks to MemeNicoi for some of the assets used in the game.

Have an idea for custom viruses, layout, or rooms? Tell us!

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