Built by people in Pilgrim Islands Reborn, redesigned and programmed by Maelstronomer. These are not official hat-givers, it's only for fun, like "Collect the Treasure / Squids / Domos".

April 28: Badges! And now they notify you with a popup when you get them.
April 17 (midnight): automatic saving!
April 16: fixed radar to not beep near already-collected eggs.
Older: egg radar, scrolling egg check-list, 102 unofficial eggs, islands, buildings, and trees.

- double tap W to sprint,
- hold shift to walk slow or toggle with C,
- click the egg radar to toggle beeps

To-do: Finish music system, sign near each building that shows builder name.

Hint: There are no eggs in the water, super far away, or behind an opaque go-through wall. They're always in visible spots!

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